Swagger IS:

It is looking inside to find your own true voice and gifts and sharing them in pursuit of a better life and a better world.


What swagger is NOT:

It is not arrogance or power over or dominating or being better.

Swagger on the Court: Staci Barrow

Staci Barrow

Staci Barrow is 17 and lives near Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a junior at Ross High. Her hobbies are basketball and tennis, but she likes to do a little running too! She also enjoys coaching her 5 and 6 year old basketball team. Twitter: @BarrowStaci     Photo: The Journal News   Why I love my sport – Basketball Basketball is my favorite sport no doubt. I’ve played it since before I can remember and I just can’t get enough of [.....]

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Gymnastic Swagger: Kenya Tyler

level 5 state 2012

  Kenya Devonne Tyler was a competitive gymnast from the time she was five years old until she was in her senior year of high school.  She competed in gymnastics to the highest level which is level 10, and through those years she had an amazing support team. That support team including coaches, teammates and family. Kendra says “Whenever I felt discouraged about not accomplishing a skill there was always someone in my corner to motivate me and keep pushing me [.....]

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Lyla Johnston: We are all saving the world

Lyla Global Peace summit

    Lyla June Johnston is a Diné/Cheyenne poet raised in Taos, New Mexico. Her Cheyenne ancestors strove to make “every breath a prayer.” She writes her poetry in the same manner by seeing every poem as a prayer for healing, inspiration and unity among the human race.    Lyla works on making more peace in the world through the Regeneration Festival, held annually in Taos with sister events across the world. The mission of the festival is to inspire [.....]

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Spring Joy

photo 1

The Spring Equinox was March 20, marking the official beginning of spring. This is the first crocus to come up in my garden. I live at high altitude in Northern New Mexico; it is still cold at night and we might get more snow, so the life of the crocus may not be long. But something about its hopeful face, made me look up and notice that everything around me was turning green and the birds have returned and are tweeting [.....]

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Triathlon Swagger: Heather Pipkin


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to compete in a triathlon? Heather Pipkin competed in her first race when she was 35 years old. When she began, she didn’t know how to swim or ride a bike. In the last four years, she has completed eight events. Her day job is being a Pharmacist at Smith Drug in Taos, NM. Here is what Heather has to say about the benefits of challenging yourself to compete!     [.....]

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In swagger at work, we offer an approach to resolve the barriers to self-confidence that women face at work and to offer a third way – different than exhibiting only traditional feminine values or trying to copy men’s values. Through stories of women who swagger and exhibit healthy self-esteem, Swagger at work demonstrates ways to build confidence and invites women to tell their own stories of empowerment.

At work, it’s knowing my stuff cold, a confidence that I can blend with compassion. I certainly don’t spend a lot of time playing getting warmer. I am known for being direct, which I like.


Swagger in sports showcases women who are strong in body and mind. Not necessarily stronger than someone else, just strong in their own body. Having self confidence, loving your body and growing your self esteem by being active, healthy, doing sports, spending time and being confident in the outdoors, and even competing are all ways that we as women learn to swagger in sports.

I didn’t care about marriage and children – because of my childhood. I was fulfilled in career and athletics. I’ve turned emotional trauma into strength – I’ve traveled; I’ve been successful.

Teresa Rider, Age Group World Champion Triathlete

Spirituality and faith are important aspects of who we are as women. Having the self confidence to express ourselves, learning about who we are and what we believe in are all aspects of what make us unique and whole. We’ll share with you how other women have developed their swagger in their spirituality and we hope you will share your stories with us.

I admit that the Bible does not specifically mention Aretha Franklin. But when it comes to thinking about God, most people’s minds are full of all those familiar images and they just get stuck…So why not Aretha? She’s big, she’s bold and you’re going to have to listen to what she’s saying.”

Column by Terry Mattingly

swagger in schoolSwagger in school is having the courage and confidence to learn what you want to learn in school and becoming what you want to become. Having the self confidence to find your own way and not letting society or others dictate your path to success. Swagger is trying many different things throughout your journey, being strong in your opinions and open to new ideas.

When asked where she got her swagger, author Joan Borysenko said “For me, it was do or die. My first job was teaching medical students. I had to prevent them from falling asleep. I developed my swagger in a situation of challenge.”

Swagger isn’t about power over others in relationships, it’s about knowing who you are, being strong enough and confident enough in yourself so that you can share yourself and your gifts with others without losing yourself. It’s having the self esteem and self confidence to know that you don’t always have to be right or win in every situation, it’s being strong for others and knowing how to nurture yourself at the same time.

A lot of my friends have swagger – that pushing the edge quality, thinking and living outside the box.


There are many fabulous women who swagger on the world stage. These are strong and confident women who have worked hard to compete in what is often a male-dominated environment. They have defined themselves, their opinions are valued and they have forged their own path to be a part of the world stage. In them, you will see a strong sense of self, confidence in their ideas and actions, and a unique approach to showcasing their high feminine confidence.

What are the risks of swagger? The risks are always visible in our society. Any woman with the least amount of swagger is doomed. Like any Hollywood star, they will build her up, so they can tear her down. Think Hillary Clinton. Katie Couric, Angelina Jolie, Condi Rice. Doesn’t much matter the profession.