The Girl’s Guide to Swagger: Growing and Evolving

WHM-banner-home-pageMarch is Women’s History Month and at the beginning of the month we celebrated International Women’s Day. All month, you will hear about the accomplishments of women. International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1911.


On site drawing

On site drawing

Five years ago, The Girl’s Guide to Swagger website was launched on International Women’s Day. It was our goal to reach out to girls and women with messages of support and self-acceptance. Since that time, we’ve sponsored workshops, hikes, panels and an art contest. We’ve provided funds for women who were achieving their dreams by writing books and starting their own business.





On the website, we’ve provided answers to questions about how to find confidence and we’ve featured stories about girls and women pursuing their dreams in music, sports, and the arts. We’ve written more than 300 blogs and sent out many newsletters over the last few years. A book called The Girl’s Guide to Swagger in the Outdoors and Sports is in progress.






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About Swagger

Definition of Swagger


What is swagger?


Swagger is evident in your posture—

the way you hold your head high, square your shoulders,

look straight ahead, and stride across the boardroom or construction site.


Swagger is heard in your voice—

strong, steady, straightforward,

making no apology for what isn’t your fault,

expecting to be heard, to be listened to, to be engaged.


Swagger is seen in your eyes—

making direct contact, maintaining undistracted attention,

holding the respect of coworkers, lovers, and friends.


Swagger is felt in your attitude—

fearless, confident, carrying authority and experience with strength,
carrying youth and new experience with grace,

rejecting what others say about you, when their comments reflect their own fears,

knowing yourself and acting on your vision—not someone else’s.


Swagger is tasted in your spontaneity—

losing your fear in the sheer joy of doing something well,

doing something ridiculous, doing something messy or fun or different,

and not caring how you look doing it.


You know women who swagger at work, in sports, at church,

in the classroom, in their relationships, and on the world stage—

perhaps you are one of them….or would like to be.




Swagger Vision

In a time when women are looking for a way to join together , to join each other – in strength and support – we need new words and ideas that will lead to unity, not division.  We need bridges across the great gaping divide of feminism and the women’s movement to re-describe what we want as women, in a way that skips struggle and goes right to strength, life force, vitality, fun, richness of experience and most important of all permission, support and encouragement to be ourselves in all of our strength, power, and healing. We need ways to build our own self-confidence and help empower other women, as well.

Welcome to The Girl’s Guide to Swagger!

Swagger is the word – stolen from rappers and snatched away from cowboys swaggering into the bar – by the cowgirl – in all of us.  Swaggering in – with full confidence – born of knowing who we really are.  Young women, old women, gay and straight, brown, black and white – all wearing T-shirts that say “I swagger and I like it.”

With swagger, men are invited in to play and glorify in the presence of women who are fully human beings, strong, 100% accountable for their own desires and actions.  Men are freed up from the expected roles and able to experience their own selves, as they truly are – not as they are supposed to be.  Healthy self-esteem in relationships creates the possibility of true equalness and satisfaction of needs.